a disgusting, slutty, hoodrat of mystery that your boyfriend probably slept with last weekend
Sally: Who's the new girl?
Kimmy: Oh she's not new...she's the school dusky...i heard she slept with your man Timmy last weekend..
by Ana and Carrie November 20, 2007
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Sandusky, long for "dusky" aka beer curling is a 2v2 drinking game. Each player has a partner across the table. The two players on each side are competing to make their opponents partner drink. a beer can or bottle is place on both sides, while the two players on one side each slide a bottle cap to the beer can. the farthest one from the can loses, and their partner across the table must drink. players shoot at the same time, and if anyone hits the can or goes off the table with their bottle cap, both team members must drink. first team to 21 shouts DUSKY! and then doesn't have to get raped by the creepy old man in the corner of the room (essential to the game).
Lets go drink some beers and play some dusky!

Grab 2 bottles and lets get slippery and play some dusky!
by APnAD December 30, 2011
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Slang for dude, bro, man, etc. A portmanteau of the slang words "du" and "broski".
"Whatup, duski?"
by pxlated September 28, 2009
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An appreciative western term for a woman of south asian descent but with a distinctive skin tone.

While used interchangably with nubian, ebony or mulatta, the sheer beauty and peculiarity of the tone begs that a new definition be awarded and emphasized (as follows);

Similar in concept to a mulatta but with a more darkly orange lustre, strictly dark eyes and hair, minimized tendancy of curls, with higher incidence of wavy or straight instead.

E.g. Asha Saini, Pratyusha Pilla, Sharon Muthu, Nicole Faria, Melinda Shankar, Bipasha Basu, Nandita Das, Freida Pinto.
That girl is one fine Dusky.
by TheOtherMckenna December 20, 2020
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getting fondled by an older white man
My bro just got duskied in the boys locker room
by handz man December 9, 2011
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It's a nickname only given to people who are superior only 1 person in the world aquired this nickname he lives in kurdistan it is said that a Duski is the sexiest person alive they have almost 15 inches of PP all the bitches adore them and they are the nicest people ever
-Omg look there is that a Duski?

Yes omg let's give him head

-Whats your name?
Omg fuck me
by Goochie man October 30, 2020
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