The ability for one to create a mindset where he/she truly believes that playing/practicing trumpet is harder and more difficult than playing a sport like Football (American).
David: "Playing trumpet is harder than sports."
Scott: "Harder than Lacrosse?"
David: "Yes, Trumpet is the best and hardest thing to do in the world,"
Scott: "The only way playing trumpet could be harder than a sport would be if you were playing trumpet and busting at the same time,"
David: "You guys are asshole,"
Scott: "This kid is a Durp,"
by redskull224 July 07, 2009
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meaning "your so fucking stupid of course!" often a synomymn with dur-da-dur and the movement of the hand meaning retard
girl#1= "does johnny like me?"
girl#2= "durp! what kind of question is that? dur-da-dur!!
by i love zavian February 07, 2010
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- People with curly greasy mullets are commonly referred to as "durps"
yea see that nerd over there, yea him with curly mullet, what a durp...
by Ding Chavez March 17, 2004
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The word Durp comes from dip shit. Originally "Durp Shurt", it was quickly shortened to durp. Since that was more easier to say.
Ted: I hate peta!

Fred: Yeah! There a buncha durps!


Bob: Your a DURP!

Rob: WTF does that mean?
by WarrenOfDurp August 07, 2008
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What dumb fake hipsters say when they say derp wrong.
Person 1: Hey there, durp.
Person 2: It's derp you fucking retard. You're doing it wrong.
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