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To steal anything of value or absurd randomness. To take a virginity. To shave off and eyebrow or piece of hair while someone is drunk and unaware. Should be used right after penetration is obtained to insure that the bitch understands why she is there. To take more than thirty percent of a hand held food item. To take your friends snap without telling him about it. To drift a car using purely your e-brake. To fuck over anyone around you. To cut in line at an amusement park. To trip a rollerblader for due to his poor choice of a sport. To hook up with a bitch for the sole purpose of nutting. Should be used in situations where people other than you and your friends do not understand the word. To jack young dumb sluts valued items. Respected by ancient egyptian scholars for its versatility and simplicity. It is the only word that need not be translated into other languages to be understood by all gentleman.
Dean: Hey bro, Im going to pack george a fat snap for backing me up with the cops yesterday.
Kevin: (lying) Nah man, george doesn't even blaze, that beezy is on on probation.
Dean: Well in that case, would you like a snap kevin?
Kevin: (bong bubbling and is cleared, kevin coughs, regains his breath) Durnt!

Separate situation:

Steve: Can you believe how many garden nomes we just durnted from that bitches house connor?
Connor: Haha, I even durnted a bj from her kid sister
by parrotdick June 12, 2010
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1. The formal version of "dur"

2. Saved in the mist of "durring"
Wife: Does this make me look fat?
Husband: Actually...
Wife: ...
Husband: Oh! It looks great!
Wife: Nice save, Durnt.
by SniperLegend8 March 19, 2008
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Describing a sound made by a bass guitar. Also nickname of Greenday's bassist.
"Durrrrnnnnttt... durnt-durnt.."
by Mr. Chaz July 22, 2005
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A word describing ones privates.
Male: I have red dots on my Durnt.
Female: I have red dots on my Durnt.
by Gerald Lemosh December 15, 2004
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(verb)- the process of stealing or claiming one will receive a blow job. Caution, this word must be said in a loud tone with your eyes widened, in order to get laughter from your friends. If this word is being used in the form of a blow job, one must do the tasks featured in the last sentence AND must get his hand and gesture it in the form of receiving a blow job. Friends are generally more attracted to the blow job form of the word for laughter. STONERS SAY THIS WORD THE BEST.
Ex.(stealing): "Yo John, are you going to durnt some food in the cafeteria during lunch with me?" Ex. (blow job) "Dude tonight is going to be the sickest party of our lives, and we are all geting durnt from bitches!!!" Do not forget to do the steps mentioned above for blow jobs.
by Cutie wit a Booty January 02, 2008
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