A girl that sucks hella dick and she is known for doing it or a person who will fall for the dumass line such as i love you so someone can fuck
by brebre21 October 14, 2007
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(V.) Dummy

As a verb, to consume a large or excessive quantity of an illicit or controlled substance exremely quickly with the purpose being to get rid of it as fast as possible.
Friend 1: "Dude, Joe looks fucked. What the hell did he do?"
Friend 2: "Bro, cops were banging on the door so he freaked out and dummied an eight ball on the spot so he wouldn't be caught holding."

Sarah: "Kate is a retard, she puked all over the security guard after dummying a mickey of whiskey before we tried to get into the club."

Friend 1: "Guys, Sean the Mooch is coming over, wanna dummy this blow so he can't beg for shit?"
Friend 2: "I'm down, just have a medic on standby in case someone has a heart attack."
by 416troll January 24, 2012
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dummy can be used in numerous ways... as a noun and as a verb, it is best defined by an example:
"Wow did u see the dummies on that dummy?" " Fuck Ya id dummy the hell outta her dummy hole"
by doctorO March 13, 2009
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