people who have absoluteley no fucking clue what they are talking about and say a bunch of dumb shit in order to make themselves seem smarter
dumb shits example: one stereotype talking down on another stereotype without even trying to understand their point of view. also, people who mimic others.
note: some domb shits ussually end up in danger.
by spawn of Von Devil December 26, 2008
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Top Definition
someone who is almost retarded.
jessica: i can't be in crafts class, i'm not crafty.
kyle: you don't have to be fucking "crafty" to be in crafts, dumb shit.
by J.Som August 31, 2005
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1. a stupid person that pisses ppl off and is pretty stupid while doing so
2. a word t.i. uses in some of his songs and i word i commonly call my friend guido

used instead of dipshit
1. man u are a fuckin dumbshit for pimpin that ugly ho
2. t.i. motivation:...Spread yo rumours, kick all yo lil' dumb shit..., guido you dumbshit! you forgot the fuckin blueberries!!!
by Willie B. March 18, 2006
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Harmlessly clueless; having (or requiring) little in the way of mental ability.
Her boyfriend is nice, but he's just such a beer-drinking, football-watching dumbshit.

I love those totally dumbshit Will Ferrell comedies, like 'Anchorman.'
by superba July 24, 2006
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An adjective that can be applied to someone, usually for insulting purposes.

Someone may get this label when:
1) Their stupidity provides anger or frustration to someone else

2) Their stupidity provides amusement, usually at their expense

This word can be closely related to dumb fuck
1) "Your a fucking annoying dumb shit"

2) "You have to be a dumb shit to fall for that"
by Paper1 June 22, 2005
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stupid ass
You don't smoke and pump gas at the same time, you numb shit!
by Anonymous May 29, 2003
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Someone whose brain is missing. Instead, their skull is full of shit, which they feel the need to spout off at all times.
The guy who offered a terminal cancer patient a life time supply of twinkies is a dumbshit. The guy won't live long anyways, way to remind him.
by Feathermoon Farzclick July 27, 2010
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a retarded or hella stupid person
Hey dumb-shit move over and wake up!
by PiMp MaStA February 22, 2003
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