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Behavior that is worse than dumb, but not quite reaching the level of retarded.
Oh, for shit sake...will you just look up the answer on Google rather than thrashing around like a fucking dumb-tard!
by YAWA July 27, 2019
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1. (n) a dumb person that lacks a physical mental handicap. Their retardation is their own fault
2. (n) a stupid fuckin' retard
"Bush is a fucking dumbtard with no ball sack."
by jared h March 15, 2006
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used in lieu of dumbfuck or fucktard, should you find yourself in a situation where dropping the F-bomb is a bad idea (i.e. a public place with young children and their aggressively conservative parents around)
I wanted to tell John what a fucktarded asshole he was being in the supermarket, but after noticing the soccer moms' death-glares, i settled for 'dumbtarded a-hole'.
by Scienatrix April 21, 2010
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Someone that is generally smart but has dumb moments
My daughter was a dumbtard when she thought an earwig went in her shorts.
by JustMe81 June 16, 2017
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