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Incredibly gorgeous, incredibly dumb.
"OMG, that chick over at the ATM is SO hot!"
"Dude, she thinks it's a vending machine"
"Meh, hot-tarded, but hot"
by jjudy April 29, 2009
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1) a word describing a stupid action performed by a really hot guy/girl.
2) a word used to describe a really hot person's personality.
1) "did you just see that really hot guy trip over his shoelace? it was seriously hottarded."

2) "that guy is so funny, he's hottarded."
by god February 21, 2005
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When she's HOT A.F. but she's a little tarded at texting.
A mixture of hot and retarded.

Hazel is Hot-tarded because she texted gaga instead of Haha.
by Overweight heavy lover D June 12, 2017
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