'Duggie' like an adjective to describe their swagger and their style, saying that they're fresh and looking flyy. so they're basically saying that she likes my swagger and im fly.
she say shes likes my duggie !
by khriz March 29, 2008
Duggie is when a Boy fucks a girl in her ass. it is also a dance, when you take ur hand and smooth ur hair back. Dance comes from Dug E.Fresh
She rollin, I'm rollin, before I hit it from the back I need a trojan, im bouta hit her wit da duggie duggie.
by Kay Bizzle June 26, 2007
A people suffering from mental disabilities.

Can also be used as an insult implying someone is dumb.
look at jack he's such a duggie
by namegone July 13, 2005
A word used in a go-go song by CCB meaning anal sex.
She rollin' car strollin' and I hit her from the back, I need a trojan, so I hit her wit the duggy duggy
by "T-Money" November 5, 2005
Someone who is very cool and well-dressed.
Mah man Antonius is always duggy around dem bitches!
by staccato brainstem February 17, 2005