A fashionable male well attired and shoed. Typically 'dude' is an affectionate but somewhat comical salutation usually by one male to another, a bromance word.
Hey dude how did your date go?
by ALDO10 July 03, 2020
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You never have to worry about a dude being weird in a social environment. They get along, aren't too eccentric, go with the flow, etc. When you take a dude to a social gathering he can quickly get along with the significant dudes of your friends and co-workers.
Dudes don't have to look at Urban dictionary to decide if someone is a dude or not.
by Joel V. DDS August 14, 2019
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A guy named Tristen that would let the backyardigans toss his shit
Dude the gas prices are way up
by Poop pea 69 May 17, 2021
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A famous person.

A stud.
A guy who is favored.
A woman who is a tom guy, a dude
A man that is laid back.
A guy that never needs to lay. Just surf.
A porn addict who is homosexual.
A man who enjoys women.
A stoner.
A man with a permanent infirm boner.
A hobo.
A really dumb guy.
A man who is muscled, but doesn't want ladies till 60.
That guy is a total dude.
Look at that dude, she's pretty good on that long board, " hey, u wanna meet after boarding"

"Dude, what's up?"

"Dude, I'd like you to come with thos fries"
"Dude I just don't care."
"Dude, leave it to a nerd"
by dude with info March 31, 2015
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