yes, of course, why do you ask when you know the answer?

The expression - part of the "does a bear shit in the woods?" family - is used to reply to a question that accepts only one obvious answer: an unambiguous "yes"
Two weeks ago I had a letter from the Prime Minister asking if I would be willing to receive the honour - Commander of the British Empire - if the Queen sanctioned it? Can a duck swim?
by Colourful English May 9, 2006
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If someone asks if an answer is correct, and its clearly obvious to everyone it is, then the retort is "do one legged ducks swim in circles?"
"Is the sky blue?"
"Do one legged ducks swim in circles?"
by Dubster May 26, 2003
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If someone is trying to proove a point , but really has no idea what they are arguing , they might use this phrase "Do one legged ducks swim in circles?", it will throw the opposition for a while until the realise that no they dont , that would be stupid , thus is only good for short term evasion.

subject change is recommended before they realise :)
Fred:"so you actually understand quantum physics??"
Sam:"Does a duck with one leg swim in circles??"
Fred:"umm ??"
Sam:"look at the weather!!"
much later ...
Fred :" hey wait a minute , no !!"
by Duck expert May 27, 2003
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Only the BEST swim team out there. They're like a family.
Yo man did you meet the girls from ducks swimming?

Yeah, they were the best! I wish I was cool enough to join.
by awwwhyeeeee January 2, 2011
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A pre-ejaculatory liquid that is clear and slides out of a man's urethra and onto his shaft. it rolls off like water off a ducks back; highly viscous pre-ejaculatory seminal fluid.
Joe had a lot of swimming duck in his pants today. Did you see that, Cheryl?
by JewCorner March 4, 2022
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