To move one's body at a low rate, in this case its used for in a dance.

In other cases its when the movement is retained at a low pace.
"Baby, dont shake ya body so fast, slow motion for me."
by Knoledge MasterWoman August 25, 2004
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one who is always late in everything he does.(Jason)
What the fuck Slow Motion, i thought i told you the next time you were late to work I was going to make you lick shelleys cottage cheese ass.
by JTD April 14, 2005
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Not simply a dilation of time, but an actual state of being only achievable through excessive consumption of alcohol and marijuana. In this state, one is not simply experiencing slow motion: they have become the slow motion.
Doug: "Dude, I was so slow motion last night."
Matt: "Yeah, you seemed really out of it."
Doug: "No dude, you don't get it. I wasn't just IN slow motion. I WAS the slow motion. I BECAME the motion."
by LogJammer August 30, 2014
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The event in which everything is slowed down. Everything looks better in slow motion...for example, when you're doing your laundry or walking through a club.
Of course, not everything looks good in slow motion...for instance, here's a tape of me taking a shit...

(flies off toilet)
by Ihdfu sdutgf August 15, 2006
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