dry dock is new slang for a blow job, cause you didn't get in the water you just stayed near the water.
"dude, i stayed late and she showed up, we went around back and i got me some dry dock!"
by Oz Tommly July 10, 2009
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The act of defecating and ensuring some of the excrement remains on the dry section of the toilet bowl, requiring extreme effort for removal โ€” and ensuring the stench is unbearable. The best results are usually achieved in a crouch or reverse crouch stance.
To get back at Blimmer, I went into K Lo's washroom in the afternoon and unloaded. I made sure to dry dock it too!
by Phineas Taylor Barracus January 06, 2005
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v.the act of deficating in a toilet, releasing the turd at the point of flushing when there is no water in the bowl, so as to cause the turd to stick on the porcelean in a mannar which makes it difficult to remove.
joe drydocked daves can, frustrating dave who had to scrape the turd off later using johns shoe.
by jeff February 24, 2003
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