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the time at which someone is noticeably drunk, especially when it is not at a generally accepted time to be drunk.
"I called Bill at about 2 pm, and he was already slurring his words. Apparently, it's already half past drunk o'clock for him."
by The LJ-rizzle March 22, 2009
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The hour or so immediately following Last Call when the roads are flooded with habitual drunk drivers. Driving during drunk o'clock is exceedingly dangerous for fairly obvious reasons. Most sane people are home with the doors locked during this time.

Sometimes also called drunk thirty
Steve was ecstatic to learn that the night shift paid a whole $1.50 an hour extra. Little did he realize that night shift meant getting out of work at exactly the same time the bars close and having to drive home at drunk o'clock
by billyoh March 31, 2017
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