The most disgusting tobacco money can buy, it smells like smoked ham and tastes even worse. You need another fag pretty much straight after to feel like you've had your nicotine fix...however it is cheap, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Seriously though, I've only smoked this stuff once, and never again!

If you're gunna smoke rollies, pick GV!
Me- Hey man, I don't spose you got a spare cig do you?
Guy- yea sure, I got Drum
Me-oh, err no worries, I umm can't roll....thanks anyways *runs*
by Super Jimmeh xx April 03, 2007
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The craft of producing a combination of aerial sound vibrations which are able to be universally accepted as "Music" on a percussion instrument of assembly of such with relative ease. Can be accomplished with ample instruction and practice. To construct a pattern of these vibrations in the form of a "beat", a Drummer must repeatedly make contact on one surface (or several simultaneously) with one or both of his or her tapered wooden cylinders. To amplify the volume of the vibrations produced as a result of this process, the Beat Technician may increase the velocity and/or net force which the cylinder deliveres to the beat surface.

The Drummer is drumming.
Drumming is fun.
"Stop drumming on my baby's head!"
by FUGGYEW February 02, 2009
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Drum is a word used for a cigarette, a fag with no illeagal substances in it i.e weed. Basically just an ordinary cigarette
Hey what's that in your hand
Just drum dude!
by Bex29 July 31, 2006
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To drum is to have normal, female to male, sex. So if you drum loudly it means that you are really loud in bed (or in Chair if you are Juno and Bleaker...).
Wow, Caitlyn is drumming sooo loudly with Twilight!
by Spunkeatslemonsforrevenge January 13, 2009
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A roller, dummy, freak, whore..anyway you wanna put it.
Basically a girl who jumps from boy-to-boy, and sometimes even girl-to-girl, and can't properly compose herself.
commonly used in baltimore, maryland area.
Comes from the term beating on a dick, because the girl allows it to "beat" on her.
Sharon: OMG! Did yu c Brey the otha day?
Kasha: yea grl! she was just on Malcolm. Now she on Lakisha! I kno she bi, but dag!
Sharon: yo, she a real DRUM forreal! Anyone can just beat on her.
Brey: Hey yall!
Kasha and Sharon: GIRL..YU IS A DRUM!
by myraven11 June 29, 2010
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your home,your yard,the place you live. how stupid are you people? Chaaaaaa man!
"I'm rollin to my drum"
"I got a free drum 2nite"
by RudeGyal2k3 October 08, 2003
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A drum manufacturing company commonly refered to as DW. Their drums sound great and come in unlimited sizes for custom drum kits. Pros like Neil Peart, Tommy Lee, Joey Kramer, Joey Castillo, Terry Bozzio, Josh Freese and Stephen Perkins play them.
Billy: "Those drums sound amazing dude"

Tom: "I know they're Drum Workshop Drums."
by Brennan Dixon August 24, 2007
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