4 definitions by magmagxo

k-lebrity is a celebritys kid, that kid doesn’t neccessarilly need to be famous too but it can be. Its a way to show how someone is celebritys kid without saying “she is Will Smiths daughter
K-lebrity Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt is a new UNICEF volontier
by magmagxo August 11, 2019
Its turning on your air conditioner. You are conditionaring when you are in a room where air conditioner works
Its so hot imcurrently conditionaring
by magmagxo August 11, 2019
Drules are rules that your father makes. They are specific by that that most of them are similar or same like: “No boys alowed” or “Don’t be late”
kid- “This drules are killing they are soo boring they are uselles”
by magmagxo August 12, 2019
She is your stepmothers sister, she is your step aunt / SAUNT.
We went to my SAUNTS house . I love my SAUNT she is the best
by magmagxo August 11, 2019