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Dropping the bombs, is the act of stuffing one's testicles into any opening. In its most classic sense it refers to the stuffing of the testes into a vagina or rectum. The phrase however is not limited to the physical act of stuffing one's nuts into an opening, but can also used as a derrogatory statement referring to any person, place, or thing.
1)Get ready, I am dropping the bombs on you bitch!!2)Oh shit, we shouldnt have dropped the bombs, my nuts are stuck in your snatch.3)I want Bush to lick the shit of my bombed balls. (Past tense, referring to the shit on the genitals that have just been bombed. Also refering to the act of cleaning the bombed balls.) 4)I want to drop the bombs on Hillary Clinton, that bitch is tight. 5)China drops the bombs on human rights.
by DEETCEET September 11, 2007
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when a man is fucking a chick in the ass to loosen up the entry. she then spreds her asshole and he squats down so they are ass to ass. He then procedes to shit into her asshole. This only counts if it's solid shit. The liquid shits is something totally different.
Baby, I'm dropping the bomb!
Sure thing! I love poop going in my butt!
by jacksontrot January 19, 2010
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