When your so fat, your crotch becomes a role.
My aunt has a very large drop crotch.
by viewtimesivebeenaroundthattrak February 2, 2017
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a very uncomfortable situation resulting from the crotch of a pair of pantyhose or tights falling approx. a few inches down below desired area causing thigh chaffing
"These tights are too small, I have a major case of drop crotch"
"My thighs are chaffed from drop crotch, I hate running around in pantyhose all day"
by jes & al May 28, 2007
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Pejoritive term for someone's rotten kids.
This guy's ankle biting crotch droppings have been terrorizing the neighborhood since the day they fell out of their mother's hoo-ha.
by Brandy Van Ness December 8, 2013
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A child or infant who is the bane of childfree people everywhere.

Refers to loud, smarmy, asshole brats named 'Connor', 'Porter', and 'Brittany' who have usually been birthed by clueless, dipshit parents.
"Beth took advantage of her company's maternity leave absence by squeezing out yet another crotch dropping"
by Flaza May 3, 2006
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An unplanned pregnancy
Sometimes couples end up with a crotch dropping when they were not expecting or wanting.
by jt31337 June 28, 2011
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