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A LiveJournal user who exudes the ultimate in contrived humor in an attempt to feel internet-loved. Once took a month leave from the intarnet just so he could try to convince his intarweb chums that he turned born-again Christian. rfjason's antics are usually void of lulz.

see: loser, ugly, fugly, pug-fugly,
'Damn, homey! Haven't seen you on this B.B.S.in ages'
'Yeah, I was sick with a nasty flu.'
'Thought you went all 'rfjason' on my ass!'
by Flaza February 01, 2005
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A child or infant who is the bane of childfree people everywhere.

Refers to loud, smarmy, asshole brats named 'Connor', 'Porter', and 'Brittany' who have usually been birthed by clueless, dipshit parents.
"Beth took advantage of her company's maternity leave absence by squeezing out yet another crotch dropping"
by Flaza May 03, 2006
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Black people who think they are white Broadway stars. The black answer to Liberace.

Eg: Any black cast member of 'Stomp', or 'Da Kink In My Hair'.
'What did you think of the actor who played Brian?'
'Ehh. His singing was a bit contrived and over the top. A bit too Niggerace for my liking.'
by Flaza February 01, 2005
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