noun, verb: occurs when one passes the pipe on, only to realize that one has drooled on it/and or his/her own face.
Sorry man, I totally droodled there.

Shit, there's droodle on it.
by Lane McRae February 2, 2011
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n. Literally a noun for anything one can possibly think of, but can't recall the proper name at the moment. A "what the hell is that thing called again?" of sorts.
Mother- "Honey, before you go out on the boat with Justin, make sure he has a droodle (lifejacket, steering wheel, boating license, SPF 50?)."

who knows? that's part of the fun.
by Swaggerjack225 June 10, 2008
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If one appears with Drew and then has oodles of boodles for the whole time, and then expects that to be for course credit as well.
"Droodles are a main threat to American civic authority," thinks sensei.
by Sick-Puppy February 2, 2017
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Droodle is when someone drools and makes a pattern in it.
Damn John, you just droodled a fucking smiley face on your pillow.
by Dubv12 September 20, 2017
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When you torment a loved one, but are too scared to fight a bully.
For being rude to his brother, but being a coward before his bully Jasper was accused of droodling.
by Milos Weens July 31, 2018
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