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The complete opposite of a designated driver. A person who always get's smashed and drinks alcohol like it's nothing. May possibly drive you to the club but not back home. If it's you and the designated drinker expect to only have one drink because your driving home unless you want a smashed car.
"Fuck a wristband, lets all do a keg stand. I'm like cheech and chong hittin up the beer bong. When the cops show up they're gonna get the finger and I don't give a fuck. Cause I'm the designated drinker."
by Chantel Cliche November 10, 2009
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The illest band on the planet making everyone want to get crunk. From the bitches in the club to the hobos drinking 40 oz. in the alley. When you hear dot dot curve:) you just want to hollar. The group includes spanky and newly added jayreck and jspizzy.

They just got signed to standby records/hot topic.

If you dont like dot dot curve:) you should eat shit and die!

Their celeberties baby:
"Whats that song that goes omg its like when they see me all they see is my freakish hair..."

"Duh nigguh its rocketshiptothemoon by dot dot curve:)"
by Chantel Cliche March 06, 2009
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The vocalist of a day to remember. He's fucking God and sings really good: Actually pretty good looking when you think about it. He is a nice person and not an asshole when most people think he is. Your lucky if you meet him but he's shy.
"OMFG did you see ADTR?!" Stupid Fan Girl

"Hey you dumb ass I sing in A Day To Remember. I'm Jeremy McKinnon."

"Who the fuck is that? Doesn't Pete Wentz sing in A Day To Remember." Stupid Fan Girl

"....................what?" Jeremy McKinnon
by Chantel Cliche November 11, 2009
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When your a boss chillin on a boat wearin a tuxedo then a cookin outfit and some stunner shades. While rappin and ridin real dolphins and climbing buoys rather than those motherfuckin trees getting leaves up your ass.
"Take a picture trick, I'm on a boat bitch. We drinking the Santana champ cause its so crisp. I got my swim trunks and my flippie-floppies. I'm flipping burgers, you at Kinko's straight flipping copies."

"Oh fuck thats my favorite song eveeeeeeeer!"
by Chantel Cliche April 14, 2009
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One of the sickest bands on the planet. Amazing live and always worth the price to go see. A good mix of hardcore, pop-punk, metalcore, they are good at what they do. You can listen to them whether your sad or happy, bored or energized. Waking up or falling asleep.

Band consist of:

Jeremy McKinnon-Vocals
Neil Westfall-guitar
Kevin Skaff-guitar
Joshua Woodard-Bass
Alex Shelnutt-Drums
A fun little paragraph I made only using their songs ect.

Welcome to the family you already know what you are. The downfall of us all is the price we pay. I heard it's the softest thing ever. If it means a lot to you start the shooting. A shot in the dark sound the alarm. You should have killed me when you had the chance to. Heres to the past show em the ropes. You had me at hello if looks could kill. Have faith in me. Speak of the devil I'm made of wax, Larry, what are you made of? A second glance casablanca sucked anyway. Mr. highways thinking of the end, homesick. Fast forward to 2012. Why walk on water when you have boats? Another song about the weekend. Heres to the past 1958.

"A day to remember is the best band alive!"
by Chantel Cliche June 03, 2009
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One of the best Christmas songs ever by hollywood undead. It beats listening to jingle bells all the time. The song ranges from being hungry, getting it in the ass, beer, fucking, blowing off Mrs. Clause's date on christmas eve, writting your Christmas list, a fake santa with a bag of dildos, and then stealing his sleigh. Amazing choral to sing to your hated next door neighbors.
"It's Christmas in Hollywood. Santa's back up in the hood. So meet me under the mistletoe lets fuck. It's Chanukah in Inglewood. The dradles spinning in the hood. So meet me by the manura let's get drunk."
by Chantel Cliche November 10, 2009
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Person 1: "YOOOOO BLDF!" While talking on msn.....

Person 2: "Dude!!!!! Too bad you don't live next door. This computer screen just isnt doing it."
by Chantel Cliche March 25, 2010
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