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The act of pouring some or all of your drink into that of a drinking companion, especially when you are fully aware that your companion does not enjoy your particular choice of beverage.
Drinker A: *drunkenly pours digusting drink into Drinker B's tasty drink*

Drinker B: Oi, windowlicker! That's drink rape!
by See Through Dreams August 03, 2010
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A drink rape is basically a fun and aggressive way to make someone drink if they are being slow.

Drink rape is accomplished in the following manner:

One person sneaks up behind the victim, putting them in the full nelson, and a second person simply forces booze down their throat by holding the cup/bottle to the victim's mouth and pouring it down.
Bill was being a pansy at the party last night so we drink raped him.

He thanked us later.
by brones86 September 10, 2011
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When a freind at the bar is buying you a shot and then forces it upon you so you have to take it. Then you feel obligated to get that person a shot or drink of equal Value. BUT DONT.....
Mike was at the bar buying a shot and bought multiple shots and then forced our group to take them. Then next day he was accused of drink rape since Will was out of money.
by Johnny Antonio Mecerod February 23, 2011
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