Combination of 'drifting off to sleep' & 'sleepy'= DRIFTY.
Meaning: getting tired, sleepy, fatigued, worn out and ready for bed, how one feels just before having a nap
I'm starting to feel a bit drifty; I think it's time to get in my cozy bed and have a sleep!
by poutinepete January 01, 2016
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A word which is said when you see a bum asking you for change
"Spare some change guys" DRIFTY!!!
by Crennaldo July 18, 2009
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A person whose awareness and judgement are lacking.
"I don't know if she knows where she's going or how she's getting there. She's a bit drifty."
by Bcr8tv March 12, 2016
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crazy bitch who doesn't know how to keep is tongue in his mouth
Drifty can't put his tongue in his mouth
by gangstabitch12365 May 27, 2015
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Drift is the best Skin you can play in the Battle Royale Game Fortnite. The CEO of Drift is the German TikToker CCTGamer. Drift loves to kill TnTina. But maybe TnTina (aka Zlatin) and Drift will team up against the fat Fluff.
TnTina: Hey Drifty, do you want to team up against the fat Fluff?
Drift: Yes of course, let's kill Fluff and we are the Kings of the World
TnTina: Oh Drift, you are soo sexy, I love you so much!
Drift: Sorry Tina, but my heart is owned by Brite.
TnTina: But I cant live with out your love!
Drift: You have to...!
(TnTina died by fall damage 176m)
by CCTGamer October 30, 2020
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