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In the Harry Potter fandom, it is a slash relationship between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. Gained much more canon-popularity with the now infamous "He was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy..." line in HBP.
Many fanfiction authors are drawn to Drarry because of the contrasts between the characters: light versus dark, good versus evil, etc.
by chemxalromance October 01, 2005
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The greatest shipping you will ever find in the Harry Potter universe. Involves Draco and Harry, with Draco usually topping (Harco/Haco is where Harry tops). Can cause an intense amount of fangirling and fantasizing.
Girl 1: I read an amazing Drarry fanfiction last night!

Girl 2: I prefer Dramione instead of Drarry.

Girl 1: I will kill you.
by drarryshipper May 22, 2011
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Draco/Harry. a homosexual relationship between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Not to mention in my opinion the best thing to happen to the World Since the Bible and Harry Potter himself..... so tere ya go.

it can be romance, hurt/comfot/angst/in or out of hogwarts, before war ends, after war ends, read and see. it can be in any situation be it magical or non-magical. in the Canon HP universe or not. Over or under age. Everyone knows they are gay or it doesnt ev en matter cuz they are totally meant for each other * YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE* ( i myself sometimes say Haco just cuz i can)
Me: SO i read another Drarry last night.

Friend what is it again?

Me: it's slash between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy

Friend: OH YEAH i was reading this one where Draco gets hit with ....
by Drarry Sustains Me October 21, 2009
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A combination of the names Draco and Harry, meaning a homosexual relationship between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. This is mainly a large conspiracy of fangirls to troll the actors Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton. Particularly rabid fangirls frequently write Drarry slash and draw Drarry porn. This heinous material permeates the internet and victimizes straight males and lesbians on a regular basis. Yaoi fangirls who "ship" Drarry are an even more lethal breed of Drarry fangirls who will suck out your life force if you are in their company for extended periods of time.
by loljkDrarryfangirlhere August 07, 2011
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A type of Harry Potter fanfiction that ships Draco Malfoy with Harry Potter. In my opinion, ridiculous, as the books tell Harry`s thoughts and clearly state that he wants nothing to do with Draco. And in no part of any of the books does it ever hint that they could be together. If you write Drarry fanfiction, or think it is the best possible ship, remember not to tell Draco that, as he will most likely hex you.
I read a Drarry fanfiction today, and Draco and Harry were all sweet and lovey and sickening in it.

That`s Drarry for you!
by Nobody, don`t look for me! October 07, 2011
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