When a man's game is on point for an indefinite period of time - à la Don Draper from the hit television series "Mad Men" - he is said to be "drapering." The term is a derivation of the last name Draper, by route of the gerund Reaganing, as made popular by the series 30 Rock.
Man 1: Dude, I heard Max has had four three-somes this week, and it's only Tuesday!!
Man 2: Yeah, bro, he's been drapering for the past month.

Man 1: Yo, Yvan told off that girl while he was fisting her! What a lad, he's been drapering for a while now.
by respecteves February 7, 2011
When your entire day is planned around a meeting/interview with an individual. To you, this is an important life event - a stepping stone that will, if successful will lead to bigger and better opportunities. However, the individual at the center of this momentous occasion, couldn't give fewer fucks. You've gone to bed early. You canceled all other activities for the day only to wait indefinitely. Your disappointment is immeasurable and your day is ruined. You, sir, have been drapered
by TruffleshuffleOG February 11, 2020
The act of being left hanging by someone, specifically in the case of the person not showing up for a prescheduled event
My house keeper drapered me and i haven't seen her since
by Ron Draper February 11, 2020
Verb. As in Don Draper of TV's "Mad Men." To Draper something means to blow it out of the water beyond a resonable doubt to the point where everyone else in the room wants to kill themselves because they just realized they'll never even come close to being you.
I was Drapering my presentation until my business partner started making derogatory remarks about their culture and related stereotypes.
by TheLatinSnake August 27, 2010
Lame, cute, funny, wierd, nice, sexy, could be used for any definition.
don't be a draper
by Tyreeee March 8, 2009
The awesomest last name you could possibly have.
a draper is usually slighty very overweight. but still so fricken amazing that he makes the awesomest guy ever look like crap. a BIG crap. in fact, next to a draper, there is no awesomest guy ever. unless his last name is Draper.
bill: no dah, his last name is draper.
by gtrdfhhjjhj September 6, 2011