The act of driving while simultaneously listening to Drake. This act typically results in ending up at your ex's house while crying. Much like drinking and driving, sometimes your actions aren't controllable resulting in regret later on. Most common songs which cause Draking and driving are: Say Something, Doing It Wrong, Marvin's Room, & Best I Ever Had although there are numerous others. Don't confuse with R. Kelly cruising which is the act of listening to R. Kelly resulting in an unexpected sexual encounter with an ex, a friend, or a hooker.
Bob tuned into some Drake while he was getting fast food at 2am, but somehow ended up at his ex's house only to wake up to pain & regret the next morning and also remembering that his ex is a huge whore! Unfortunately this was a bad case of Draking and Driving!
by ChizzyB October 21, 2013
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Just like drinking and driving except you blast Drake's emotional music in your car and you end up at your ex's house without knowing it.
Friend: What the hell were you doing last night? I found this box of tissues in your car.

Me: I had to Drake and Drive last night. I ended up at Michelle's house crying my eyes out.

by Nutella222222 January 21, 2014
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The act of listening to Drake whilst driving, particularly from the album Nothing Was The Same. The songs are emotional, which cause one's eyes to tear up and obstruct vision, leading to reckless driving. Drake Driving is typically happens when someone is driving home by themselves late at night and they are emotionally vulnerable.
Guy 1: I almost got into a crash last night.
Guy 2: Don't tell me you were Drake Driving again.
by chigirl_ January 27, 2014
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(n): when you start listening to drake music and you got really emotional that you end up at your ex's house. Not a felony, but you will be sad. Very sad. ;-;
Yo, you hear about John? He was drake-ing and driving. They say he cried himself a river at his ex's doorstep.
by Draod January 28, 2016
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