Dracs is another word for hoes or thots🤷🏽 ♂️
Aye bruh I call you back my dracs callin
by Realsmacka January 22, 2019
Another word for a hoes or thots basically 🤷🏽 ♂️
Aye la bruh my dracs keep callin hol on.
by Realsmacka January 22, 2019
another way of saying kool!!
a way to appreciate!!
originated from the anime series "dragon booster"
"that was a drac move back there artha!!"

by BLiTz$tRe@k September 8, 2008
To stifle a cough, sneeze, throat-clearing, burp, or vomit reflex in your inner sleeve. Resembles Dracula furling or unfurling his cape.
Hey buddy, Drac that sneeze, will you? I don't want your effing cold!
by pentozali October 17, 2013
DRACS is an user from gamejolt.com that is very bad at art and posts some good memes
Holy shit is that DRACS (USER)
by DRACS_REAL October 5, 2021
When you post something insanely stupid, unintelligent, ignorant, brainless, foolish, dense, moronic, idiotic and everyone laughs at you. Usually accompanied by doing damage control and doubling down.
did you see how he couldn't read nutrition facts labels properly? that was a certified drac moment!
by average anna seto enjoyer February 23, 2021