Skip is down with the brown yo! Once he went black he never went back.
by beautylicious April 24, 2005
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The notion that a person is willing to receive or give brutal anal sex with either a male or female partner.
Nicola is totally down with the brown. She LOVES it!!!
by Gordanis May 2, 2008
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a white chick who prefers only hispanic men; especially for sex
Marnie told her coworkers:
“If he ain’t brown I’m not down!”

Shanelle is down with the brown; she thinks white dudes are gross and smell like bologna.
by MarnieLee August 23, 2018
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A female or male who is interested in Mexican or tan people.
"Ew Nora you only like white boys.. But I'm down for the brown"
by nialls princess sabrina March 25, 2016
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A white person who likes to have sex with a black person.
"Robert DeNiro, Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey and David Bowie love sistas...they're all down for the brown."
by Eddie Cain, Jr. October 24, 2008
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