Doe, Dough, Dou however you want to spell it. Dou, This word means money is your talking about a thing. Now is someone calls you Dou they respect you a lot, and they either really like you or if your really close your best friend could be calling you this, this also means money. Dough this means money or dough for making pizza or other stuff. Doe also means money and also means a female dear. However you spell it dough,doe,dou or anyother way they all mean money if your talking about a thing, but when talking about a person this means whoever is calling you dough, doe, dou respects you, likes you (might not be in a crush way though), and your probably a very valuable person to them just like money. good luck if you have been called dough doe dou now you know
hey dough, you want to go get a drink
yea id love to!
if someone calls you doe dough dou your special to them and they respect you dont lose that.
by stoopid fish May 26, 2019
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Gangsta slang for though as in Although
James: He slept with your girl, man!
John: I'm not mad dough.
by HarrisPlaya December 11, 2012
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dope, fresh, clean, awesome.
Brett: What do you think of those new Jordan VI's?
Clayton: Dude, so dough. Imma cop those for sure.
by theGRkid April 11, 2011
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The doughy-like substance that accumulates on ones scrotum sac and chode/taint/gooch.
Mom! Jimmy just wiped dough on my teeth!
by doughysack August 04, 2010
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A midwest term used by most to define earrings
Those Doughs are fresh.
by rockerchick1111 March 29, 2009
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The act of snapping and pounding someones head twice HARD after they say something completely ridiculous or stupid.
"Yo, Gimme my dough" (snaps and pounds on head of Sam B)
by sammmmmmmb. September 04, 2009
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Dough is a common way to misspell the proper name Doug. There are two very frequent occasions that you will find this form of misspelling.
1. Hispanic population โ€“ especially when ordering late night fast food at Whataburger and they have to ask you for your name to call your order when it is ready.
2. A typo on the keyboard because the letter h is right next to g so people type the word Doug, but accidentally add the h at the end. Spell check cannot pick this up because dough is still a word.
When I get my food at Whataburger and look at the order bag, it almost always says Dough.
by Just another Doug February 28, 2008
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