A common lamen who take roids to increase his puny muscle mass while shrinking his manhood thus creating the ultimate douchebag regret with small man syndrome. Typically where's sunglasses at night and inside clubs, wife-beaters or shiney bedazzled shirts to show off his roid muscles and to intimidate others. Except he is just over 5' tall and is always looked down upon at which time he spits on people and runs away screaming like a little bitch. One in the safety of his Benz with chrome rims and blacked out windows he believes is he now invisible to those around him and safe.

Doubebags are never safe, they stick out like a fat kid eating McDicks inside a McDicks. Joseph D'Antonio may have this experience while he worked at McDicks flipping burgers until his muscles grew and he was too good for burger flipping in his mind. He then got a nice Pit Bull and random tattoos all over his body to compliment his new roid muscle and turned into a full fledge Douchebag of Vancouver. He's currently applying to be on the Douchebags of Vancouver TV show which will air as soon as they can find enough Douchebag's who can actually spell and sign their name.
Douchebag, Joseph D'Antonio local Vancouver Celebrity in the car scene who recently attacked and spit on a fellow car enthuisiast because he had roid rage over a parking spot at a grocery store. He then ran away like a bitch, but came back to key the victims vehicle and then ran away like a little bitch a second time.
by Douchebag finder December 19, 2013
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is an annoying person who is desprately seeking attention in an unsubtle, non-cool, overused, outdated, out of style, unsophisticated and dramatic way trying to empress but doesn't knows how idiotic, embarassing, annoying and ultimately uncool they appear to society, others and me! ;) hahahaha!
Soulja boy and crew are douchebags writing his name on his shades trying to be so cool along with the overly size clothes they wear! XD
by E'man December 02, 2009
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One of the lowest of the lows... selfish bastards thinking only about themselves with no concern for others or the consequences of their actions. Possibly one step away from mental retardation, these people seem to make decisions no one can understand. Possibly an evolution issue? The kind of person that makes you shake your head.
Singor was a complete and total douchebag. He borrowed money from his girlfriend to take a holiday with his mistress... not his only mistress.
by spanksme March 23, 2010
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1. A personality type that is well-defined by other definitions here

2. Describes a certain look or style, especially when someone dresses in the most tasteless fashion possible.

3. What the vast majority of the guys at my school dressed like at the senior prom.
Wow, look at Tom over there, wearing a backwards-facing baseball cap with his tuxedo. And there's Damon, dressed like a total poser with his gaudy and trashy-looking wannabe-pimp outfit and bling bling. I don't think anyone could look anymore like a douchebag than those two.
by no7orious July 02, 2009
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Someone who slows the learning process down of the entire world. Demanding to be loved, Arrogance, dishonest, pretentious, self-absorbed, pussy, little bitch, two-faced, hits women, acts familiar and then trashes a person behind their back, standoff-ish, trendy/conforming, uses other people, no direction in life, negative, destructive to those around him, unintelligent, likes 'secrets', the game you just lost
Half the people in Atlanta, GA are douchebags.
by Family Plot July 20, 2008
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Douche Bag
1. An object used for vaginal hygeine.
2. A person that is a total moron and doesn't think before he/she speaks or acts.
3. One with an undescribeable idiocy, hence stupidity, poor idea of what's cool, possibly an arrogance about them.
4. One with an intolerable personality.
5. Personified by a Troll named Eniquity, that constantly trolls Darkpear forums, random smack talking emo n00b, filled with a false sense of self worth
Dude don't be like Eniquity, you emo douche bag.
by Anirowned December 16, 2005
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