When you have a bad stomach / food poisoning and end up spewing diarrhoea while also throwing up.
Man, that burritto really did a number on me- I was pulling a double-dragon all night
by randomlysid June 20, 2011
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The best beat-em-up videogame ever.
I remember spending lots of quarters beating up bad guys on the Double Dragon arcade machine.
by oldskool June 13, 2003
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This word's origin comes from the video game. The best thing about this word is that it can be used in absolutely any sentence. For this reason, it is taking the East Coast by storm. SEE EXAMPLES (extra short list)
-"Hey biatch, stop trying to double-dragon my next ex-ho!!!"
-"...that bartender just tryed to double-dragon me with a $10 bill instead of a $20!"
-"...don't let anyone double-dragon my parking space."
-"...i just woke up with this nasty chick!!! i think she tried to double-dragon my drink with a ruffie!!"
-"...Prof. P just double-dragoned me with a B+ instead of a A", "No shit ... double-dragon."
by nate (in the red suit) May 20, 2003
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1) Video game.
2) Anybody with two penises.
3) Sex act involving two penises in one woman's vagina (note: can also be just one penis and a dildo or two dildos).
by Anonymous September 2, 2003
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"Were you fiscally double-dragoned?" - Aravind
by Bruce Campbell May 28, 2003
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any style of debauchery. Or anything that is done twice.
"Yeah, I knew I didnt have enough money to pay for two movie tickets, so I had to buy only one ticket and double-dragon my girlfriend in through the back door of the theater."

Bill:"Damn! your girl is smokin'! Does
she have a sister?"

Bob:"Yeah, she has a twin!"

Bill:"NO WAY!!" "Double-Dragon!!!"
by Dave June 12, 2003
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When you are so fucked up that you simultaneously shit and puke.
Joe got so fucked up he pulled a double dragon in my bed, now I have to throw out the matress.
by BurningInFlames September 11, 2005
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