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When you take a shit, then 15 minutes later you need to take another shit.
Me: Awww man i just had to take a double shit
You: Wow...
by Shrugi February 24, 2008
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Taking another shit after you've already wiped. Since double wiping occurs during the same trip to the bathroom, a sore butthole is usually the result
Stacey was just about done wiping after a satisfying shit when she felt another torpedo coming down the tube. "Damn" she thought, "now my ass is gonna be sore the rest of the day" as she proceeded to take a double shit.
by enrique357 August 09, 2009
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The act of 2 non-specified gendered people both exerting anal waste im the same toilet at the same time.
P1:how is yours coming along?
P2:all right but your power shitting.

P1:it's the guacomole

P3:are you almost doneyour doubleshit?
P4:mine's already peeping,hurry!
by That straight guy August 14, 2009
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A term worse than shit when you can think of no other words more appropriate beacause of the desperateness of the situation.
by Jess March 03, 2004
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The shit received orally by person C in a human centipede consisting of three persons (A, B, and C) joined ass-to-mouth.
That poor girl at the end of the human centipede just got a mouthful of double shit.
by Arc-Royal August 07, 2010
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