Having two cups, usually styrofoam but also solo cups, and usually full of "Drank" aka "Purple""Purp""Lean""Purple Swag" and finally "Houston Juice"/"H-Town Juice". Born in the H-Town Houston, Texas some of the other Sothern states have gone away from the cups having to have Drank n just fill the cups with whatever. But in Houston, we still fill them Double cups with that Purp.
Hey yo Homeboi, I kno u bout to sip them Double Cups at this party right? Bout to be Slowed n Throwed tonight!!!
by Young Meklo July 14, 2012
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When you're drinking promethazine with codiene, codeine cough syrup to get ****ed up, the cup "sweats", so you need to "double-cup" it.
In Drake Freestyle To Take You Down .. He Sayss ; Let Me Do Me ; Yu Jus Do You ; Im DOUBLE CUPPED Riqht Now .......
by Brooklynsz.Beauty October 11, 2009
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A Cup of Codeine Syrup, hydro syrup, or Tussinex Syrup with sprite. With double the normal amount normally used to get high
Might as well make it a Double cup night we finna be twice as fucked up!
by KeepSippinStrong May 5, 2011
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Double cup. Two cups stacked on each other, filled to the brim with a cocktail consisting of promethazine and codeine syrup, candy (usually Jolly Ranchers, or Skittles), ice, and a softdrink of choice (Sprite, Fanta, etc.)
"Po'up in my double cup."
by LIL BOOK August 15, 2016
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verb- what you do when you're drinking sizzurp,lean,barr
Won't somebody please double cup me? I'm ready to lean hard.
by kaleeb June 30, 2008
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Could be either a reference to a sex act of one cupping their hands around another ball-sack, or slang for making lean, in reference to the common double cup used to keep the ice from melting.
Ex 1: Man I really want to double cup Tom Nook.

Ex 2: Double cupping some hydro syrup.
by 30_DOLLARHAIRCUT March 24, 2020
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A gentleman generously endowed being handled lovingly.
I love double cupping my boyfriend.
by AshKel86 February 21, 2017
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