a derogatory name for the region between your nut sack and bottom of you ass crack. Also a fried plantain.
Ex. 1) AHH! I think i strained my dotus! Ex. 2) Amy likes to lick the dotus. Ex. 3) I could sure go for some tasty dotus' right this minute!
by honk March 12, 2003
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Decade of the ultimate send. It's the time when you put everything in, and go for it.
"I'm excited to join the race team for the 2021 season, it's DOTUS time!
by letsalwayssenditfam March 4, 2021
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a combonation of "dot" and "us". It means to dot the group of people you are with on the forehead with your penis.
Ex.1) Man I wish Steve would give us all a dotus. Ex.2) The dotus was performed perfectly leaving a mushroom shaped imprint on Joe's forehead.
by wizzle November 11, 2003
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Stands for Douche of the United States, a weekly award given out by the producers and listeners of Stand Up! with Pete Dominick on SiriusXM's P.O.T.U.S. channel.
Dick Cheney can no longer be nominated for DOTUS of the Week, because he always wins, so he was given a lifetime DOTUS achievement award.
by webBoi September 16, 2009
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German Shepards Major and Chance will become DOTUS in the White House when Joe Biden is President.
by acnyc November 8, 2020
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Noun: a lump visible through pants made by a mans dangle aka penis
moose knuckle
1.dude, your pants are too tight i can see your dotus knuckle
by devon leitch February 2, 2009
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Glahagia Dotuses is the most deadly virus in lego game (roblox) vancouver it is more worst than the bubonic plague, ebola, corona dont come near me or i will ####### you!!
Glahagia Dotuses
by Glahagia Dotuses December 3, 2020
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