a person who resides in your dorm but not in your room.
Sarah used to be my roomie, but since she moved to the second floor, we're just dormies.
by Madeleine Neiman October 12, 2008
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One that resides in a dormitory at a college or university. Commonly a mama's boy or pansy since they purposely condemn themselves to a tiny cinder block room with a complete stranger, instead of venturing off on their own. They poop where they sleep and eat cafeteria food three times a day.
Chris: Sup lil' mama wonna come back to my place?

Vanessa: Yeah dawg, where you be?

Chris: I have a set up in Wallace.

Vanessa: You're a dormy?

Chris: Yeeeeeeeeeeah.

Vanessa: I'm tired....nevermind.
by Thirsty Kyrsti March 7, 2010
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Dormie is a loving kind person who can make you happy at times but also make u mad. Dormie can have a dark side at times but can light up a room with her smile. Dormie is a really all around amazing person, friend, girlfriend, and sister. She tells the truth and gives u real advice. If u ever have a Dormie in ur life never get lose her you WILL regret it.
Dormie is so nice I hope we are friends for a long time.
by Brynn011111 December 15, 2018
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The codename of the best teenage Blokus* player in the world. "Dormy" made his debut at age 14 in 2008, when he started playing casually on the Blokus site. Other online players noticed his potential and encouraged him to sign up for tournaments. Dormy is currently the 2nd best over all player in the world, the best in America, and the best teen. Dormy is a creative genius who's appearance in the world of Blokus* has changed the way the game has been played and will be spoke of for decades to come as his methods and playing style become well known.

Dormy is known to live in the Hartford area of Connecticut, but has refused to say his exact location for fear of fans stalking him. He was born on May first, 1994, just 6 years before the internationally acclaimed game, invented by Bernard Tavitian was released. He has been playing this game competitively for only 2 years, yet casually in his suburban home for well over 6.

Dormys accomplishments:

-11th place in the international Blokus duo tournament (2009)

-5th place in the international Blokus Trigon tournament (2009)

Dormy is a rapidly climbing Blokus player on the professional level and has much potential for the future.

*Blokus: An internationally acclaimed board game for 1-4 players invented by Bernard Tavitian in 2000. This game has won "Best Toy" award along with many others.
Joe: "How do you keep beating me in Blokus?? I can't even come close."

Bob: "I learned these moves from some internet player named "Dormy"who's really good.
by BlokusPLayer June 24, 2010
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