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The name a triangle desires to rechristen itself, because in spite of its manifold intimate geometric relationships between its sides and angles, it has only hitherto received the cold shoulders from members of the Polygon family.
By being known as “trigon,” the triangle desires to mix around with the crowd of polygons, hoping to get to know fellow shapes like the pentagon, hexagon, and megagon better.
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by MathPlus December 09, 2017
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I feel like a nerd, but here we go! Trigon is the devil/a horrible demon. He is the father of Raven , the half-demon superhero in the DC comic and catoon Teen Titans he appeared as a hansom man to Arella, Raven's mom, he then raped her and showed who he really was. Arella left Raven with some temple people, angry that she gave birth to the spawn of Satan. O_o It's good, don't worry. Raven can't show her emotions too much because of her half-demon side and she has a lot of drama in the show.
Um...he's Satan? Not really an entry to have an example...Trigon.
by TheComicDork January 10, 2009
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