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Someone who can't / never will never go to college, but hangs out in / near the dorms and fucks everyone to make friends, usually getting passed around like a pipe full of really good weed. Usually with people they meet on MySpace. Dorm whores can be male of female, but usually gay males who just came out. See also: campus cunt, slamhound, walking std
Dustin Jackson (made it up) met this guy from USF on MySpace, went back to his dorm, and now he's the nightly favorite dorm whore.
by DoMeBarebackDaniel November 08, 2008
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1. a woman that lives in a dorm that practices sex as often as humanly possible.

2. A woman who has had sex with the majority of males or females residing in a dorm building.
She has had sex with all of the guys, she is a dorm whore.
by shiggity-shiggity-schwha March 02, 2006
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