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Kate projects a radiant glow accentuating her antique beauty capturing total infatuation after looking into her soft caring eyes. Dedicated to her service, her maternal essence focuses on the comfort and well being of everyone but will move mountains for those considered to be closest. Burdened by an endless stream of responsibility, she effortlessly navigates through life with schemes to squeeze out all the joy possible in this short existence. Guided by a genius level of intellect, Kate doesn’t stand down to those challenging her vast amount of knowledge. Off putting at times to those who share the same combative nature, more temperament personalities are drawn by her feminine dominance assisting when she gets paralyzed in the details. In pursuit of winning her heart romantically should be taken on with patience. When someone worth her limited amount of time comes a long, her lustful love holds tight with an intoxicating warmth and ecstasy. Cut from a fabric that is no longer in use, Kate should be cherished as a rare treasure.
Kate’s red hair, perfect body, and kind nature is why I love her
by 2faded November 24, 2021
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1. An individual in college who shows up unannounced and uninvited to sit and tell every single problem and complaint that they can possibly think of
2. Does not understand social cues
3. Inappropriate goes into great depths about there sex life and weird sexual desires.
"That girl Danielle is a dorm room whore, shes always just walking in and telling us all her business and sex desire. SHES WACK YO!
by 2faded September 26, 2013
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