Basically, a whore; usually, walking stds have fake tans, abercrombie clothing, and herpes.
To a walking std, "the clap" is more than a hand gesture.
by junglejenga April 14, 2004
a walking std is the name for a girl called niki fox
she walked up a hill to get fucked up the ass, because she is a walking STD.
by mmmmmmmmmmmeee April 3, 2007
Basically a person who either doesn't remember who they had sex with or a person who doesn't care and has sex with anyone. also known as walking sex.
"that guy is a walking sexually transmitted disease.....but he isn't even that hott...."
by abs March 4, 2005
Scott Kramer is a Walking STD. He has herpes
Wow, that guy Scott Kramer is a walking STD
by Boobie February 23, 2005
Also known as the lesser seen Molly creature, you can find these phenomenons in Indonesia, Switzerland (Leysin American School), Venezuela, Australia, and Kazakhstan. The Molly has a variety of sexually transmitted diseases such as Aids, Herpes, and Syphilis.
Melissa: Oh my god, did you see that creature leaping through the trees?
Kat: Oh, you mean the Walking STD?
Melissa: I didn't know the Molly migrates to Switzerland!
Kat: Yeah, well, this one has been here for almost two years now, so, you kinda get used to it.
by kattheyeoham October 20, 2009