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Somewhat Popular rap song (from the early 90's?)

Also: term of endearment for one with the last name Brown.
Song is as follows: "Don't stop, pop that pussy, let me see that doo doo brown; I wanna rock I wanna rock I wanna rock; doodoo brown"
by Hepziba January 23, 2007
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Please put a New York Times under that before it gets all over the place.
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Song by Frank Ski in Baltimore in the 80's. He was a DJ at V103.
They played Doo Doo Brown at The Chapter Three last night.
by girlioinco July 22, 2009
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A shit-stain/streak left on the bottom of the toilet after dropping a particularly greasy dump. Doodoo browns is capable of lasting though several flushes, as it is the remnant residue of an unusually unhealthy, greasy, thus water resistant doodoo ball.
After a late night of eating fried eggs and chugging beers, Quentin began to feel a mighty rumbling in his lower intestine. He nearly unleashed a devastating assbomb on the bus ride to the house of his lady friend. Upon making it back he exploded a shit into the toilet the likes of which has never been witnessed and thus leaving a most epic doodoo browns in the female's toilet.

Sarah: You left a massive doodoo fucking browns on my shit!!
Quentin: FUCK!!!! WHYYY!!!!
by billfred mcadams November 11, 2011
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A person that says they are your friend but then acuses you of some stupid shit and pisses you off to the point of fighting
Michel is such a bitch... always siding with his little buddy and accusing me of some stupid shit ...what a Doodoo brown
by DR.S Moostie June 17, 2019
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One who clogs a toilet and instead of plunging it like a civilized human being proceeds to keep shitting in the clogged toilet for nearly a week. He then has to resort to hiring a mexican to scoop the week old shit out with his hands for $20.
"Damn Doo Doo Brown why don't you clean that shit up. This apartment smells like Sundips house."
by Monkey Lips April 08, 2003
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