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An expression that is prominently used to refer to an object that is either broken, of shoddy quality, or highly impractical. It can also refer to one's outlandish physical appearance or actions.
"Yo man, what's up with your computer? It keeps shutting off by itself"
"I don't know, man, shit is tekked."
by thatdudechino September 3, 2013
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1. When you stunt so hard, it hurts people’s feelings, making them wish they didn’t see you.

2. A threat implying there will be violence when you see your enemies.
1. I’m out here rockin’ this $5000 outfit. You dont wanna see me!

2. Haters talk a lot of shit but they know I got that thing on me. They don’t wanna see me with the heater!
by thatdudechino March 22, 2021
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To set the trend / leave an impression on others while representing one's true self. Can be used to refer to someone with a great fashion sense, but is more frequently used to describe strange and unique characters from all walks of life. When someone stands out from the crowd with confidence, swagger and unique / bizarre style, that person is making the image.
George: Yo, Dave. What's up with your boy dressing like a wanna-be gangster?
Dave: Chino's rockin' that steez. He's making the image.

John: Yo man... look at that weird homeless dude with the purple hair freestyling for that hot girl.
Mike: Dude is making the image!
by thatdudechino May 30, 2022
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A play on words that combines the last name of famous director Quentin Tarantino with the Spanish slang for a person of Chinese descent to depict a Chinese dude that makes awesome films.
Yo, that guy Taranchino made some dope music videos for Busta Rhymes!
by thatdudechino May 19, 2020
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