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Diarrhea from hell so firery and violent that you scream in pain.
Friend: “how was your date last night”
Me: “good? We hit up taco bell”
Friend: “uh oh
Me: “yea I had the screaming craps in the middle of the night
by Bwattz January 1, 2018
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A phrase used to tell someone to behave themselves, not be messy, not ruin the fun, etc.

The original phrase is from Ru Paul’s drag race UK season 2 where Joe black, in response to the judge’s critique of her outfit, jokingly says “it’s H&M” to which Ru later responds with “I dont wanna see any fucking H&M
Girl one: “So Cassidy is already drunk crying again, she’s kinda ruining our night out

Girl two: “omfg I told her before we left that I dont wanna see any fucking H&M
by Bwattz August 19, 2021
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