A piece of shit scammer that has a shop do 16k worth of work to his moms Celica, and when its time to pay up, he says he doesnt have the money and has his girlfriend try to do a $60 down payment. After that fails he asks the shop to park outside so he could steal it. After THAT fails he calls the cops and says they beat him up and ran him over, where they promptly tell him to pound sand..
Joe Dono: Hey I cant pay for the car but could you park it out front please?

JapWorks: No go fuck yourself
by Tamparacing August 13, 2008
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A fatasss with pointy hair smells like shit stock in love with any girl acts like a fuck boy but can’t get shot
Yo I wanna beat donos ass just like everyone else he’s FATTTTT
by Jsksjsjdjdjdjd February 2, 2020
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Dono is an uzbek name for girls and it means being smart and wise among people. There are other types of the name: Donokhon, Donojon and etc.
What is your name, girl?
Wow, sounds good🥰
by Wise0505 November 21, 2021
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The Lord That is Pray to often Referring to Christians and Christianity
That is my dono
by 459395 March 13, 2022
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Always lookin out for his people’s, always makes his friends laugh, even tho he’s always smiling he may be sad in the inside
I’m a Dono
by JJ Malik March 13, 2021
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P1: My brothers name is Dono Dokken
P2: Oh nice! I met him and he’s very kind
by Wydvskaugzjsi June 27, 2021
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When some one with a big dick has their forehead what on.
Wow! I was just dirty dono-ed. Now my forehead has a permanent brown stain.
by Pp licker 995 April 15, 2020
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