Not a normal person who likes to pick their nose in public and say HAZAH! Although people mistaken the name for Dora, Dara, and Dana; the name Dona is pronounced
Anna: hey there Dora!
Dona: MY NAME is not DORA it is Dona pronounced DUH NAH!!!!
Anna: Sorry DUH NAH.
by gotmilk121 October 28, 2009
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Dona is usually called donut. She has amazing besties that are always there for her and she loves them. Dona has a nice ass and no titties. She usually always goes to lifetime. Donut loves Mediterranean street food and wants to marry a chaldean.
Bro you know dona?
She’s the best.

by Dona dona dona dona October 13, 2018
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During a high-school dance and or party where grinding is taking place, and guys get "D on A" or "Dick on Ass".
Jim: Bro! Did you go to homecoming?!
Bob: No, what went down?
Jim: A lot of grinding and a lot of D on A action!
Bob: Sooooo jealous!
by CatsForever January 01, 2012
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