1. to get hit in the head
2. a very good blow job
1. you just got dome rocked!
2. That girl dome rocked me last night.
by gerberakaem November 16, 2007
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Often used by stoners to described how unbelievably high they are at a sertain point in the night. Usually after smoking some dank ass weed that either makes you unfuntional or tripping balls.
That dank ass weed got my dome rocked last night..man
by KenBallz June 30, 2011
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Verb - a gaming term where one player puts a single round through an opponent's head (dome) causing him death, usually by a sniper rifle.
Jeremy: "What the fuck just happened?!"
Jon: "You got straight dome rocked!"
by J-UniT25 December 19, 2008
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When you run up behind someone and punch them in the back of the head, making them fall to the ground.
"You just got Dome rocked bitch!"
by Meowmix580 April 21, 2008
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To take great trauma to the head, by either a blunt object or a projectile.
1."Dude, I just dome rocked this kid with a baseball bat."

2."I was playing Halo yesterday and this guy dome rocked me with a sniper from like a mile away!"
by Nathan Kahler January 18, 2009
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To hit someone or something in the head with a flying blunt object causing the recipient to be disoriented or killed.
I totally got dome rocked last night by a hockey puck!
by with the lefty October 15, 2012
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A hard hit to someones head.
Or a good blowjibber
by NIPPLEROX4LYFE June 29, 2015
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