Weaboo heartbeat noises; also known as a heart attack from excessive carbohydrates in a weeboo
My heart goes doki doki when we’re in a call.
by KTS-P October 07, 2018
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Dokidoki (ドキドキ) is the Japanese term for β€œthrob” or β€œheartbeat”.
Example: β€œMy heart is going dokidoki!”
by temaibestbirb September 15, 2019
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Coming from the psychological horror Anime game Doki Doki Literature club. This term is generally used when a typically innocent show, game, anime or cartoon takes an unexpectedly dark and disturbing turn.
"Man, Madoka Magic really pulled a Doki Doki when Sayaka literally just went insane."

"Jesus christ, You think Madoka Magic is bad?? I can't believe that the anime Narutaru with its super cute and lighthearted opening just did a Doki Doki and had a guys head cleaved in half by a monster in front of his sister. And then having it shove a spike up her you know what."
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by 4600 May 23, 2018
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Japanese word that refers to the sound of a heart beating, like when getting penis'd by pervy Ryan (Achievement Hunter) and his pheromone gun.
Whoa that chick just got doki doki man!
by El Castro December 17, 2016
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