An overly zealous anime fan, usually a newer or younger fan to anime who is very loud and excited about anime. These fans are the loud minority of fans that are very upfront and loud about anime in public - unlike the silent majority of anime fans.

Weeboo is also associated with the idea with the idea that this anime fan is excited about anime, but does not know much about anime. This goes back to the generalization that weeboos are newer or younger fans.

These anime fans are the "stereotype" of anime fans which the general public points to as fans of anime. They are the type of anime fans that use Japanese in there everyday conversation or push there love of anime on other people who are outside the anime fandom. These people do not always understand the concept of inside voices.

They are also different from anime fans - or otakus in Western culture - who are zealous about their fandom in private or at appropriate times, such as anime conventions or with other anime fans.
Look at this weeboo running around screaming about Pokemon.

I was just talking to this weeboo who said they love Sailor Moon but couldn't name any of the Outer Senshi.

These weeboos make it look like every anime fan is a hyper screaming five year old.
by DuckyC December 9, 2012
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A person of non oriental decent that loves anime and manga.
I know her she's such a weeboo she has anime posters all over her wall.
by _Vern_ September 27, 2009
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A degenerate fuck who doesn't know how to spell ' weeaboo '.
Person 1: "Hey look it's a weeboo!"
Person 2: "Wow, you don't know how to spell 'weeaboo'? You're a degenerate fuck."
by TronOMG June 27, 2019
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weeboo is a term deriving from the latin word "weeus boous" which means "of many awakenings".
to wake him up scream WEEBOO!
by ryan January 25, 2005
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A person who is OVER OBSESSED with Japanese culture, but mostly anime. All they do is talk and watch anime nonstop. I will tell you 3 stages of a Weeboo.
1) Talking for a long time about your anime
2) 5 hour grind
3) Anime merch
The Weeboo talked about anime for 45 mins and I lost my mind and tried to call Jesus.
by The.Book.Of_FACTS April 30, 2019
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A weeboo is a nerd who loves anime and hates humanity but loves anime cat girls
Oh look a weeboo! He lovessss anime bitches!

Oh yea! Wadda weeboo
by Hddhjdhddjd January 22, 2019
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1.The incorrect way the spell the term Weaboo.
2.Some annoying non-Japanese degenerate loser who is obsessed anime and other Japanese culture.
person#1: Oh golly gee that Naruto guy sure is kawaii wouldn't you agree!?!?1?! x3 We can talk about how sugoi he is over ramen!!!!1!11!!
person#2:Wtf no get away from me you degenerate weeboo!!!
by WeabooGoyim June 29, 2019
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