synonym for a penis, dick, cock, schlong, or the male reproductive organs
Can I play with your dokey?
by Big Man Mac February 01, 2008
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Another way of saying okeydoke, okey, sure, alright, sure thing

Appeared first in around 1930.

Famously used in the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which interestingly corresponds to that time era, by Short Round, the Vietnamese kid with the hat, who also starred in the Goonies.
Short Round: Okey dokey Dr. Jones. Hold on to your potatoes.
by papermachete February 22, 2006
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i) A condition of melancholy, mixed with feelings of the bittersweet.

ii) A longing for something unattainable, with the realization and coming to peace with the fact that this something is unattainable. Inspired by the piece "Spokey Dokey" from the series Cowboy Bebop.
"Are you gonna ask her out, or just stare at her all day?"

"Spokey dokey man, there isn't a chance."
by LicensesToStone December 17, 2008
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Colourful plastic beads that can be thread onto the spokes of a bicycle wheel, very retro!
Check out those cool spokey dokeys on her bike!
by DigiVixen August 16, 2006
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A way to politely opt out of a conversation/argument that no longer makes any damn sense.
Hey man why are you putting that turtle in the toilet?

Because he ate my hamburger and you're not supposed to swim after eating.

Okey dokey.
by Useyourwords September 15, 2014
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