the act of squeezing ones cock and balls into the recipients 'rusty bullethole'. it is as hard as trying to keep a dog in a bath.
"that bird last night was filthy as fuck, i gave her the dog in a bath.
by paddy farrell September 26, 2004
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during some mad fucking, grabbing your testicles as if you are going to Brain (definition #5) someone then, inserting them into the vagina or asshole. It is very difficult to do, hence the Dog in a bath name.
her pussy looked tight so i thought id try to put the dog in a bath.
by Skeet Inc. July 25, 2006
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Whilst plugging a girl you attempt to stick your nuts in her box or arse as well. The difficulty of doing this is equivalent to getting a dog to take a bath.
by virginconversionunit March 24, 2004
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This is a proper name for when you attempt to insert your nuts into a girl's ass. It is so named because it can be just as hard as keeping a dog in the tub while giving it a bath.
I tried like hell to pull off a Dog In A Bath Tub on Suzy, but her queaf threw my balance off.
by Harry Ballsonya March 20, 2003
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Trying to put your penis and nut sack inside a woman/man (what ever you prefer) anus all at the same time' hens the saying as it is as hard as.
Once i pulled off the dog in the bathtub, I found it was much harder to remove them then put them in.
by whizzane December 30, 2004
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a term used when attempting to place both balls into another's mouth and failing
It's just like two dogs in a bath, one is always trying to get out
by postmyk January 29, 2004
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