1:7 ratio of beers admitted having drunk versus beers actually drank
In dog beers, 1 dog beer = 1 6-pack + 1 beer
by k2kate October 20, 2010
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Measurement used when an individual brags about the amount of beers consumed in a given night knowing that the facts are exaggerated. As to measure your beer count in dog years. Ie. Times seven.
Bragger= "I drank 35 beers last night"
Facts= You were there and bragger drank about 7 beers.
Response= "DOG Beers maybe."
by justin price January 17, 2007
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Drinking beers left behind while people away from their table in a bar.
Sam was getting drunk on dog beers before they caught him. That is when the fight started.
by SGT Nitro August 15, 2015
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Coveted by women the world over. Beer Dog, or Love Dog as the ladies call him, has the sexual stamina of a silverback gorilla and the penis of a National winner. A preditor of Social Me and winner of the Chewbacca Awards 3 years running.
"Hello my name is Flanders. I have never had sex with a women before, unlike that Love Master....The Beer Dog !!"
by Beer Dog June 23, 2009
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Meaning #1: Whilst fucking your girl from behind, pour beer on your crank and use for lubricant. (WARNING: This may cause yeast infections).

Meaning #2: I new fad diet in which you only eat hot dogs and drink beer. Common exercise for this diet may include: Sitting around and doing nothing or playing beer pong and hitting on ugly bitches.
"I need to buy more beer. I was beer dogging your mom last night and i ran out."

"Dude i love my new diet! all you have to do is nothing i don't normally do."
by QTIP-YOUR-GURL July 08, 2015
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