If someone has dodged a bullet, they have successfully avoided a very serious problem.
Oh my lord! I just found out that my ex just had his second illegitimate baby. Dodged that bullet!
by Wishon March 30, 2010
The feeling after seeing that your bitchy ex-girlfriend has aged poorly, is obese or looks generally bad after some years.
Oh my God! have you seen Martha? she looks awful. What happened to her? I'm happy I dodged that bullet.
by Xurritox December 13, 2012
"I almost ran over this squirrel in the street today, but I swerved and hit this sharp, jaggedy tree. So it's all good. I sure dodged that bullet, but missed and fell off the building."
by Ranchan-sama September 24, 2006
When you come close to dating a person but for whatever reason it falls through, and then later find out that person is batshit crazy, you've dodged a bullet.
I heard Kara nailed Oliver's pet snake to his door after she found a text from another girl on his phone. Guess I dodged a bullet there.
by DoubleDDucky June 29, 2016
When you used to think someone was attractive years ago, but for some reason, things did not work out; and when you see them recently, you see that they are a total wreck.
Wow, I used to think she was hot, but man, she has 2 kids from 2 different baby daddies now and her body is a wreck. I might have dodged a bullet there.
by maxmillions February 18, 2010
When you end a relationship with someone whom you didn't knock up.
by shyguy88 October 31, 2022
Something that your future self will thank you for. Also: having successfully avoided a sticky situation.
When offering me the job, Criss Angel cut my salary request in half. Then he told me that he was doing ME a favor because working with him meant working with a celebrity and his "Magic Kids". Bahahahahah! Saying no to that was like dodging a bullet!
by julesSD October 17, 2013